Good to know

Only authorized bathing suits !



No picnic in the park.

Life Jacket

Available for free

under 12

Always accompanied by an adult

1 euro

Bring a 1 euro coin for the lockers (you get it back afterwards)

About us


Currently, Océade is certain to remain open at least until the 30th of September 2018 !



Océade: a successful enterprise


According to the '' (the only independant website who references every waterpark of northern Europe), Océade is regarded as the premier water park in Belgium and is on the list of the top water parks in northern Europe. We can only conclude that there is no equivalent to Océade between Paris and The Hague.


The economic and business magazine 'Trends/Tendances' included Océade among its Gazelles for 2013 (companies with the best growth record).


Océade is the third most popular attraction of Brussels after the Atomium and Mini-Europe and before the Magritte museum.


Océade attracts tourists from far and wide. In the summer of 2014, 20% of swimmers came from abroad.