Good to know

Only authorized bathing suits !



No picnic in the park.

Life Jacket

Available for free

under 12

Always accompanied by an adult

1 euro

Bring a 1 euro coin for the lockers (you get it back afterwards)

Hygiene and safety

Hygiene and safety are subjected to particular care. Find out the many measures that have been taken for your comfort.



  • The water of the Océade pools and water slides is recycled six times a day. For the jacuzzis,it is 48 times a day.
  • The water quality is analysed three times a day and an independant laboratory checks it every month.
  • With an internal target standard of 0.4 mg chloramine, Océade imposes without doubt one of the most stringent standards in Belgium. 
  • At Océade's request, an independent laboratory carries out hygiene quality soil tests every month.
  • Our team disinfects the soil and thoroughly inspects the park several times a day.


Infrastructure safety

Over the years, Océade has continuously improved its infrastructure in order to enhance comfort and safety. Below are some of these measures taken:

  • Elimination of useless areas of great depth,
  • Installation of anti-slip tiles,
  • Installing signals and signs throughout the park: lights, starting lights, warning signs, etc.
  • Installation of safety equipment: surveillance cameras, raised seat for lifeguards,
  • Providing lifejackets free of charge for non-swimmers or poor swimmers,
  • Etc.



The park is continuously surveyed by a team of competent monitors and lifeguards who ensure the safety and comfort of our visitors.

  • The lifeguards carry out a vital function at Océade: the reception and safety of swimmers, both small and large.
  • Their first task is to encourage poor swimmers to wear lifejackets, to ensure that the safety signs are adhered to and to prevent dangerous behaviour.
  • Every lifeguard has a special lifejacket at his/her disposal if the need arises.


Lifeguard training

  • The training of lifeguards forms part of our requirements. Each lifeguard has an Adeps/Bloso lifesaving diploma.
  • Océade holds retraining programmes twice a year for its staff through an authorised body (Ligue Francophone des sauveteurs or Vlaamse reddingscentrale).
  • Training includes the use of a defibrillator.


Did you know?

  • Océade was the first water park to have a defibrillator.
  • Every surveillance point is regularly evaluated by a leading seaman.